An entrepreneurial individual with global experience within the Hospitality, Events and Travel Industry – Hotels, Resorts, Cruises, River cruises and luxury tours.
By venturing in this industry, I was given the opportunity to explore the world, absorbing the magnificence of multiple landscapes and cultures. From the Maldives to Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates, cruising with Ocean Liners through Central & South America and Europe as well as launching river cruises on the European waterways and landing in one of the busiest hubs of Africa – Johannesburg, where my journey continues.

In his spare time Tadej also writes for the “Inspire me/Navdihni me publication and portal”, see below some of his articles:

Connecting the dots, February 2020


Domino effect of the crown, April 2020


Domino učinek korone, April 2020


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