Art has the power to tell life stories, it captures memorable moments, makes you think, awakens your hidden emotions, expresses the artist’s state of mind or perhaps shows the world its vulnerability as well as beauty.

This eBook is enriched with contemporary art – a courtesy of ARTsouthAFRICA 

ARTsouthAFRICA showcases and represents – locally and internationally – some of South Africa’s best artists. Emerging as well as mid-established artists are part of our representation portfolio and we care for the needs of the artists as well as for the needs of the art buyers.

We feel it is important for artists to be able to work constantly on their art and on their careers. They should have the opportunity to grow and to be rewarded for their role in enriching humanity.

We are proud to present you some of the most beautiful art which has been created by artists who see their talent as their dedication and fulltime profession.

Thank you for sharing the love for ART: #LOVEwhatMatters #ARTsouthAFRICA

Ticking all the boxes

A wide selection of artists across numerous genres

Art consulting and individual advice

Sourcing artworks specifically for you

Virtual hanging as well as framing service

International shipping

We understand that purchasing art is a deeply personal decision. If you are interested in buying a work of art, but can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us via email: 

We are happy to assist in finding the perfect piece for you!

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