There are people that stay in our lives forever

Natalie Cvikl Postruznik
Managing Director, Insights d.o.o.
Founder & Chief Editor, Navdihni me/Inspire me

…Life is evolving. As human beings, we are part of nature, and as such, we are necessarily subjected to development and change, including our own change of purpose and mission. If we stop, we are suddenly in a state of entropy. Possessing a copy of Tadej‚Äôs book will add value to your being. You can read it from the beginning till end, or you can commence reading it from a chapter that appeals to you most. You can potentially find the exact lesson or thought you might need in this moment in your life.

I do not believe in coincidence. I believe people have the power to unlock their potential. They just need to find a missing key to unlock and enable a new life. If this book has found you, it was probably looking for you for a purpose. Tadej, thank you for sharing your stories, views, thoughts, as well as the deep UBUNTU philosophy.

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